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SAT IV - Presence and Transformation
The main focus of this workshop will be meditative exercises integrating the Thera­vada, Mahayana and Vajrayana practices already practiced during modules I–III. Course participants will be guided to consider and reflect upon their inner journey in order to help them understand and actively live their own psycho-spiritual trans­formation process. Working with the Enneagram will strengthen their virtues.

In addition, Claudio Naranjo and his Team will be available for any questions concerning every individual's future evolution.

This year, as a special, Claudio Naranjo will take up the potential of classical music for the development of consciousness and transformation and present musical dictates of his German-born teacher Totila Albert.

An advanced form of Authentic Movement will deepen the process, and the work in small groups with a long-time companion of Claudio Naranjo, who has exceptional perceptive abilities that will reveal exciting connections in the life of each participant.  

Next Date:
October 8th to 13th 2017
Conducted by:
Course language
English, German, French
ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
Participation Fee

Module IV can only be attended by those who have already completed the previous modules of the SAT Programme.


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