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SAT IV - Presence and Transformation
The fourth and final module of this particular SAT-cycle will focus mainly on meditative exercises integrating the Buddhist Theravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana as they were practiced in the three previous modules. The participants are brought to the consideration and reflection of their previous inner journey, in order to understand and to experience their own transformation process. As part of the work with the Enneagram, the "virtues" will be strengthened. Claudio Naranjo and his team will be available for further questions regarding the personal development of individuals. 

Review: 2017´s Special
In the year 2017, Claudio Naranjo addressed the potential of classical music for the development of consciousness and transformation, considering the personality of the life and works of German composers such as Bach, Mozart, Brahms and Schumann. He presented audio examples to show how their character and their particular personal development is reflected in their music.
What are the human parts in music? Claudio investigated the above question, using also a few musical dictations from his German born teacher, Tótila Albert, while examining music as an expression of consciousness.

The exploration of music for development of consciousness and transformation is already underway:
Claudio Naranjo and the potential of classical music
video & interview

Extract of the seminar
„Silence, music, surrender
and inquiring into the nature of the mind“
Germany 2016

Interview with Claudio Naranjo

“Music can be a way into oneself, a mirror to what we deeply feel; or it can be a substitute to fill a feeling of emptiness and avoid deeper issues and connecting with life.…  
Here you can read the entire interview:
Interview PDF


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