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Introduction to the psychology of Enneatypes and the SAT Programme

he goal of this theoretical and experience-oriented workshop is to become acquainted with Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s teaching of the Enneagram. The psychological schemata of the Enneatypes allows us to explore our true self hidden behind our everyday masks, and places a useful tool in our hands with which we can discover the pivotal point of our „automated self“.

In this seminar we work with and explore these nine basic character types on the emotional, cognitive and physical levels. Through guided exercises we discover step by step our own character type, with its dominant feelings and thought structures, that steers us more or less subtly through life. Physical and movement exercises attentively support a discerning perception of one’s own personal character structures and release spontaneity and liveliness. For to en­counter our essential self is to become conscious of our physical body and to learn to live anew within it.

The workshop is suitable for persons who wish to participate in the SAT programme and want to learn beforehand the basic fundamentals of the Enneagram.

Conducted by:
The French Retreat, Bordeaux
June 20th to 23rd 2019
"The French Retreat", Bordeaux (France)
Accommodation costs:
per night - full board
85 € (double room, with shower and WC)
Participation Fee:
390 €
If registration before April 25th 2019, the fees are 330 €
English, French

It will be held in a charming place in the Bordeaux region, a place run by an English couple seduced by the French "savoir vivre".

It goes without saying, that on this occasion the learning will be punctuated by moments of conviviality around an international table, rich in colours and flavours and moments of leisure in a splendid nature!

ZIST, Bavaria
November 6th to 8th 2020
ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
Participation Fee:
290 €
English, German

Starting at 5.00 pm
at 1.00 pm with a lunch


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