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SAT Refresher

This SAT Refresher Day is aimed at everyone in the current SAT cycle who would like to meet with companions and who wants to explore the new developments, the stumbling stones as well as to realign anew.

For participants of previous courses this day is an opportunity to connect to the SAT experiences, to work on current difficulties and to find new momentum.
A day for yourself, with others!
We will put together a small cocktail of SAT methods - meditation, movement, partner work... -and adapt to the needs of the group.

Saturday february 29th 2020
9.30 am – 5 pm
Participation fee:
95 €
Conducted by
Katrin Reuter, Cherif Chalakani & Sophie Friedel
At the SAT Institute
Stadtstrasse 11
79104 Freiburg i.B.
as required


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