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The Space of Silence
        «A feminine encounter with Zen»
Meditation Retreat with Anik Senka Billard  
Encounters among women - to explore different ways of turning our gaze inward, towards our feminine intimacy. Guided by the Zen master, gestalt therapist and expert in women work Anik Senka Bilard we will explore in silence and through expressive movements. Many may know Anik from SAT II where she contributes frequently.

A retreat, which we particularly look forward to!  

„In the circle of women, we will experience different forms of meditation: sitting and walking, as well as meditation in motion. We will move from the upright, vertical axis into flowing and releasing. By allowing our body to move inspired we connect anew with our feminine essence. We will practice conscious, mindful contact and how to give and receive it. We led words arise from silence, dance out of the vast essential space and offering as well as celebrating what will arise out of the moment.“

Tour d´Oncin

Conducted by:
Anik Billard
Date is in planning


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