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Enneagram Autumn

Remarkable encounter
Claudio Naranjo and Honoré de Balzac facing the “Human Comedy”
The enneatypes in the light of literature and cultural history
International seminar from September 29th to October 4th 2015
"The Human Comedy" is the name given by Honoré de Balzac to the body of his literary work.

He depicts the traits of human nature, with great precision and passion.

His talent has been to create a reper­toire of characters, high­lighting their personalities, their relationships, and their exceptional life destinies in the society of his time.
With a team of actors and theater directors:

Luis Fuisté Coetzee Psychotherapist and playwright. He has staged many plays (for example, La Fura dels Baus) and participated in the filming of "Perfume". 
Reyes Hiraldo Actress, director and teacher.. She received her training at the Corazza Drama School in Spain and at London's Royal School of Speech and Drama. She works with various ensembles in England.
Duccio Barlucchi Actor, director and writer. He is the Founder of the theatre group "Almaviva" in Florence, which specializes in the artistic use of masks in theatre. 
he seminar, led by Claudio Na­ran­jo, is an invitation to broaden our under­standing of the 27 enneatypes, encountering some of the different main characters portrayed by Balzac.

An original methodology centred on the ennea­gram of the per­sonality, meditation, literary analysis, theatre work and body movement will allow us to sharpen and deepen our under­standing of the enneatypes and their possible development.
Catalina Llado Aliu Actress, director and Gestalt therapist. She studied in the US and in Spain. With her project “Theatre for the interested”, she brings plays to the stage in various countries with amateur actors. 
Gema Lopez Psychologist, actress, scriptwriter and director.
In addition to her theatre work, she organises seminars which combine theater, creativity and psychotherapy. 

Giulio Costa Set designer and architect. He works as an actor, playwright and stage designer. He has contributed to several plays in Occhiobello, as well as to the Ferrara Off Theatre and to the Festival of  Fairy Tales for adults in Italy.

This international seminar is aimed at those who have parti­cipated in at least one module of the SAT programme or who have had a theoretical and prac­tical experience of in-depth per­sonal development with the Enneagram.  
Lorena de las Bayonas Actress, director and teacher. She began her acting studies at the University of Sydney in Australia, continued them at the Corazza School of Daramatic Art in Spain and now runs a private institute for training actrors.
Alain Vigneau Clown and director. He travelled for many years with his theatre "La Stravagante" through France and Spain, and today he devotes the courses he throughout the world to the combination of clown theatre and psychotherapy.
Rosa Morales Kucharski Actress, Gestalt therapist and teacher. She has been teaching for many years at the Corazza Drama School in Madrid and works both in theatre, as well as in film productions. 

September 29th to October 4th 2015
Conducted by:
Dr. Claudio Naranjo
English, French, German
Domaine Le Hameau de l'Etoile - Saint-Martin-de-Londres
Southern France (25 km North of Montpellier)
Information :

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