Claudio Naranjo and the potential of classical music
video & interview

Extract of the seminar
„Silence, music, surrender
and inquiring into the nature of the mind“
Germany 2016

DVD recordings of the entire seminar are available at Netzwerk
In English with consecutive translation into German, French and Spanish translations can be selected.
Interview with Claudio Naranjo

“Music can be a way into oneself, a mirror to what we deeply feel; or it can be a substitute to fill a feeling of emptiness and avoid deeper issues and connecting with life.…
I think, music has an eternal value, similar to mathematics, it has something intrinsically good…"
Here, you can read the entire interview:
Interview PDF

In October the SAT cycle 2015/2017 closes with SAT IV

Claudio Naranjo will lead this course personally and will take on the potential of classical music for consciousness development

SAT IV: Presence and Transformation
In Germany at ZIST, Penzberg     October 8th to 13th 2017
Dates 2017
Special SAT Module V
May 6th to 11th 2017
Conducted by Claudio Naranjo
in English

  SAT Module I
Self-awareness and vitality
August 6th to 15th 2017

  SAT Module IV
Presence and Transformation
October 8th to 13th 2017
Conducted by: Claudio Naranjo

The way of the Clown
November 15th to 19th 2017
Dirigé par : Alain Vigneau
Dates 2018
  SAT Module II
Rebuilding your relationships
February 9th to 18th 2018

Special SAT event :
The character of self-realized beings
...and how to be inspired by their lives
24th to 29th September 2018
Conducted by: Claudio Naranjo
Location: Hof Oberlethe, Germany near Bremen
Information and registration starting July 2017


What is SAT?

AT is a training program developed by the pioneer of humanistic psychology Dr. Claudio Naranjo for all those who want to go beyond the therapeutic level in their work with people and who attach importance to embodying this dimension themselves.

"I regard the SAT Programme
as being a university
of love
and of global consciousness."

Claudio Naranjo

Four components
The "SAT-Process" contains four components which are offered in consecutive years. The first three components comprise ten days each.

he SAT-Program is designed for all those who want to break the limits of therapeutic work in their search for truth. In a unique way it works on the psycho-spiritual development of the human being.
This training program holistically integrates the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions of being.
after Truth"
SAT is a comprehensive training for personal and professional development. Claudio Naranjo chose the name "Seekers after Truth" in the 70's in order to accompany people in their search for truth.

At the same time this term refers to the direct connection between this work and the eastern traditions as it  means "being" in Sanskrit. The holistic training which is offered in this program is intended as a "service to being".

The Enneagram
The work with the Enneagram plays a central role in the SAT Programme. The Enneagram emanates from traditions of great antiquity and offers an astonishingly precise map of personal development processes.

Together with Oscar Ichazo, Claudio Naranjo was the first to bring the Enneagram to the Western World and to interweave it with modern psychology.

What it is about:

  The experience of a personal and social transformation as well as the improvement of human relationships

  A practice of self-development, self-awareness and development of one's own potential

  The liberation of spontaneity and loosening of personal blockages

  The unfolding of attention as well as enhancement and sharpening of the consciousness

SAT - The four modules
The SAT Programme Seekers after Truth
The SAT Programme is a comprehensive training program aimed at promoting human psycho-spiritual development. It is designed to address the limitations associated with our own character structures in order to reveal the deeper identity of the self.
The programme consists of several modules each of which focuses on specific themes. The central element of the work is the psychology around the Enneagram combined with approaches of modern psychotherapy and practices of the Eastern traditions geared towards facilitating sustainable personal and professional development. In this way, the SAT Programme is for individuals working in helping and therapeutic and training professions, just as it is for people who wish to go beyond the limitations of psychotherapeutic work.  
The four modules of the SAT Programme
SAT Module I:
SAT Module II:
SAT Module III:
SAT Module IV:
Video: The SAT Program
Presentation by Claudio Naranjo 
Testimonial of participants

The elements of SAT 1
SAT 1 - methods and techniques
and vitality
Across a whole mosaic of organically interconnected methods and techniques, SAT 1 aims to des-identify aspects of the conditioned character (the ego) and opens the being to genuine values and new creative existential potency.

It contains the following elements:
The Enneagram of personality
Introduction to the Psychology of the Enneagram: Acquirement of theoretical and practical knowledge which exceeds the content of common publications on the Enneagram.
"Authentic Movement"
These exercises of free dancing movement lead to the source of one's own creativity.The experience, obtained from this source, of truly letting go allows vitality, intuition and spontaneity to evolve.
Psychodrama and Therapeutic Theatre
The stage, the audience, my role: Performing in this setting breaks open one's own character structure and is liberating, allowing a deeper existence 
Buddhist Meditation
Exercises of guided meditation expand the consciousness and allow seeing things the way they are and not the way we are. We liberate our view from common beliefs and truly experience. Here the practice of an "interpersonal Vipassana" plays a special role.
Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt therapeutic sessions, installations and exercises of free association, inspired by Psychoanalysis, loosen old blockages and inner conflicts. 

Next Date:
August 6th to 15th 2017
Conducted by:
Course language
English, German, French
Location and plan:
ZIST Germany (Bavaria)
Participation Fee
980 € plus accomodation and full board
890 € for registration before April 6th 2017


The elements of SAT II
your relationships
The second module of the SAT Programme helps to increasingly open to the reality of our experiences and to strengthen our motivation to undergo inner transformation. The central focus is (re-) establishing a loving relationship to ourselves, to our own history and the relevant relationships in our life.
We will continue striving to understand the psychodynamics of our personality structures working on the subtypes and our cognitive core beliefs. We will investigate how our ego structures have been shaped in our childhood. In a carefully monitored step-by-step process, the participants will be guided through a clarification of their relationship to their parents and to the attachment figures around them in their childhood, making them aware of their biographical imprints.
The emotional opening created through understanding and reconciliation will be expanded to exercises including current or past significant others, children and siblings with the intention to nourish healthy relationships. An introduction into Mahayana Buddhism and the meditation of "non-doing” will facilitate witnessing the mind on a more profound level and beyond our ordinary ways of thinking. In addition, the participants will be introduced to the virtues in the Enneagram which help us to step out of our habitual attitudes in order to gain more clarity and connection.

For participation at SAT II it is required to have completed module I either in Germany or France or in another country. There are no restrictions as to how much time may have elapsed between the modules.

In some cases, individuals without having completed SAT I will be offered the opportunity to participate if they have accomplished several years of personal development which also comprises experiential work with the Enneagram. Whether this is an option, will be discussed in a personal phone call.

Next Date:
February 9th to 18th 2018
Conducted by:
Course language:
English, German, French
Course fee
980 € (plus accomodation and full board)
890 € for registration before october 9th 2017

"Château Liebfrauenberg", Alsace, France, close to Strasbourg
per night - full board
72 € (double room, shower and WC on floor)
74 € (single room, shower and WC on floor)
83 € (double room, with shower and WC)
89 € (single room, with shower and WC)


The elements of SAT III
inner guidance
The focus of the third module will be on gaining some more profound insight into the psychology of the Enneatypes by investigating the specific defence mechanisms of the various personality structures and presenting different theories of neurosis as well as Claudio’s approach on the three loves. This special teaching, which is exclusively shared within the SAT Programme by Claudio Naranjo, opens a window of possibility to reach deeper levels of self-acceptance and to develop trust in one’s own intuitive abilities.

A "psychotherapeutical laboratory" maintained continuously over the 9 days and the accompanying supervision will provide participants with an opportunity to continue their personal work on the ego structures and on their resulting problems in their lives. Furthermore, the process will bring forward specific issues and difficulties that arise when we engage in helping and supporting others. This will initiate a learning process in which the participants will work with each other under supervision and provide mutual support in on-going self-inquiry and growth.
Breath, Movement,

In this sense, the third module represents the core of the SAT Programme. Both its structure and its methodological approaches and exercises make it an exceptional training. Introduction into Tibetan meditation according to the Vajrajana tradition clears the path to compassion for oneself and others, which is at the same time nourished by mindful body, breath and movement work as well as a conscious birth of a new inner family. Work in the large forum as well as in small groups plus guided work with a partner are geared towards supporting the process, which will be facilitated by a team of international experts around Claudio Naranjo.

For participation at SAT III it is required to have completed the previous modules of the SAT Programme either in Germany or France or in another country. There are no restrictions as to how much time may have elapsed between the modules.

Next Date:
March 1st to 10th 2019
ZIST Germany (Bavaria)


SAT IV - Presence and Transformation
The main focus of this workshop will be meditative exercises integrating the Thera­vada, Mahayana and Vajrayana practices already practiced during modules I–III. Course participants will be guided to consider and reflect upon their inner journey in order to help them understand and actively live their own psycho-spiritual trans­formation process. Working with the Enneagram will strengthen their virtues.

In addition, Claudio Naranjo and his Team will be available for any questions concerning every individual's future evolution.

This year, as a special, Claudio Naranjo will take up the potential of classical music for the development of consciousness and transformation and present musical dictates of his German-born teacher Totila Albert.

An advanced form of Authentic Movement will deepend the process, and the work in small groups with a long-time companion of Claudio Naranjo, who has exceptional perceptive abilities that will reveal exciting connections in the life of each participant.  

Next Date:
October 8th to 13th 2017
Conducted by:
Course language
English, German, French
ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
Participation Fee

Module IV can only be attended by those who have already completed the previous modules of the SAT Programme.


The Enneagram of Personality
Introduction to the psychology of Enneatypes and the SAT Programme

he goal of this theoretical and experience-oriented workshop is to become acquainted with Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s teaching of the Enneagram. The psychological schemata of the Enneatypes allows us to explore our true self hidden behind our everyday masks, and places a useful tool in our hands with which we can discover the pivotal point of our „automated self“.
In this seminar we work with and explore these nine basic character types on the emotional, cognitive and physical levels. Through guided exercises we discover step by step our own character type, with its dominant feelings and thought structures, that steers us more or less subtly through life. Physical and movement exercises attentively support a discerning perception of one’s own personal character structures and release spontaneity and liveliness. For to en­counter our essential self is to become conscious of our physical body and to learn to live anew within it.
The workshop is suitable for persons who wish to participate in the SAT programme and want to learn beforehand the basic fundamentals of the Enneagram.

Conducted by:

March 12th to 14th 2017
Participation Fee:
ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)
English, German
Information and registration:



This workshop is specifically focused on the physical and symbolic dimensions of birth. It allows us to explore the first moments of life on the edges of mystery, treat perinatal wounds and cultivate an acute sensibility that gives sense and centre to our Being.  
Birth is our first experience of transformation. It is gateway to the Great Adventure of Life!

How did we experience this transition?

Was it marked by trust and gentleness or on the contrary, by fear and confusion?

What about our future experiences of changes?
Mother’s womb is our first home. In this space of complete fusion and for nine months we share her emotions and circumstances. Our life adventure begins with her, in her! Indeed, she gives us a foretaste of the world that awaits us.  

What has the flavour been?

In what atmosphere are the first links between the child, the mother and the father forged?
The first breath is opening towards autonomy and all the world has to offer.

How was this first movement? How does it shape us us?

What is our respiratory plasticity like today?
These milestones are often accompanied by possible traumas that, although unspoken, are deeply embedded in our cellular memory. It is by inhabiting the body with gentleness and kindness that we can free ourselves from them and so reconnect with our body’s wisdom and self-regulatory capacity.

This workshop is also an opportunity to give birth to a new inner family constellation that allows us to become aware of the sense of motherhood and fatherhood and to repair the loving movements interrupted with our origins.

This work is aimed at those who wish to leap with confidence and curiosity into the great waters of life and who aspire to be Born for Being.

Cherif Chalakani works on perinatal experiences by gently integrating emotional and physical self-regulation around the breath, movement and awareness. His approach offers both healing and transpersonal awakening.

He has been facilitating this workshop for over twenty years as part of the SAT led by Claudio Naranjo and in different Gestalt, systemic therapy and body oriented institutes in Latin America and Europe.

He will be joined by Katrin Reuter.

From 9th to 12th November 2017
Participation fee
380 €
For all registrations before 9th September 2017 the cost is 320 €
French and German
In the Seminar Centre of the Hoffman Institute in Freiburg
(Germany, close to the border with Alsace, 30 minutes from Mulhouse)
Non-residential workshop.
We recommend hotels and guesthouses close to the centre
“From this process of birth I have gained the experience of trusting in order to undergo life transformations. An experience that goes beyond the present moment and settles over time, like a memory that I can recall in other situations”            (Monika, Mind-Body Therapist)
“Moving from our biological birth to the birth of the heart. Becoming Men, women of love. Becoming love of oneself, of life, of others”            (Jean Marie, Writer)


Clown Workshop
Intensive workshop
New formula for 2017…
Formation : « The Way of the Clown »

Good for nothing, but ready for anything, the clown is anchored in our hearts as a figure close to childhood that brings to our adult lives a fresh outlook, extremely direct and simple.
y bringing it to the stage we learn to just be there facing the world, at once brilliant and useless, and to receive the audience’s witnessing as a bridge that encourages us to cross into the unknown.
In a space where “I and play” pass the buck, where “child and adult” reconcile themselves with confidence and transparency, we reveal our limitations, our failures, our confusions, our wanderings, and more importantly, our desires to live and to offer who and what we are to the world.

This training, original in its intensive method, takes up the themes dear to Alain that punctuate the ways of the Clown:
          and Freedom.
Protected by this little red mask, participants will learn and celebrate the different rules of the game the Clown has to offer: availability, fun, imagination, spontaneity, expression, play, contact, etc.  

The work proposal will include:
games, performance and contact dynamics
initiation with “the self on stage”
becoming aware of the inner child
the rules of the Clown
listening to one’s body, one’s feelings and one’s imagination
listening to others and to the group
listening to music and silences
opening up and sharing ... Sharing and opening up!
learning to be transparent and simply reveal one’s essence

lain Vigneau is a clown and theatre director. He was born in France and has been living in Spain since 1989, where he directs the theatre "La Stravagante", and where has worked with the international organisation "Clowns without Borders". For several years, he has been teaching training courses in art therapy and drama therapy, and leading workshops in South America and Europe that combine clown and psychotherapy ("Clown essencial"). Many people, during the SAT Programme workshops have met him and gained insight into his exceptional work that is enjoyed and valued by all. He is, internationally, one of the major representatives of the theatrical work created in collaboration with Claudio Naranjo within the SAT Programme.

From the 15th to the 19th of November 2017
Course languages:
English, French
Participation fee:
600 €
For all registrations before the 15th of August, the cost is 520 €
"Château Liebfrauenberg" in Alsace, north of Strasbourg
Accommodation costs:
per night - full board
72 € (double room, shower and WC on hallway)
74 € (single room, shower and WC on hallway)
83 € (double room, with shower and WC)
89 € (single room, with shower and WC)

Registration :
“Working with Alain is to stand facing the void, daring to do a double somersault knowing that his tenderness and sensitivity are there to receive us!”

“Alain is an artist who composes masterpieces of hope with the broken pencils of our troubled stories”
James, coach

“The clown blew on the almost dying embers of a distant creative path. Thanks to its imprint, deep inside, my heart laughs at very high decibels, while on the outside, I breathe more calmly in everyday life”
Sandra, lawyer

“The meeting with Alain has allowed us to discover ourselves in the midst of others, and to face ourselves being amongst and with the world, the implacable reality of our childhoods, our anguish, our fears...
The clown link is good for us, so share it with your neighbors, friends and families; it is a long path, so courage to all, and enjoy those much needed moments spent together, a clown friend!”

Ludovic, rural policeman

“Thank you to all your little red noses for your smiles, your tears, your humanity”
James, writer

"Getting in touch with our child power and send packing our fears, our image, whatever we hold onto.
Getting in touch with our emotions, our childhood experiences, the soft ones and the hard ones, and receiving them, welcoming them, recognising them. Having fun, crying, laughing together, love ourselves in our infinite diversity and in our unity”

Jean, architect

“Thank you for these memorable moments, the hearty laughter and the tears expressed or contained... I feel alive, happy to have reconnected with one of my childhood dreams, grateful to have had so much fun with you”
Marie Claire, therapist and coach

“What a wonderful bubble of humanism this clown weekend…”
Carine, physiotherapist


Meditation unter Frauen
Der Raum der Stille
        «Eine weibliche Begegnung mit dem Zen»
Meditationsretreat mit Anik Senka Billard  
Sich unter Frauen zusammenfinden und von einer Zen Meisterin, Gestalttherapeutin und Expertin in Frauenarbeit geleitet, verschiedene Formen der Innwendung erforschen - sowohl in der Stille wie im Ausdruck.  Vielen ist Anik aus dem SAT II bekannt, bei dem sie regelmäßig mitwirkt.

Ein Retreat, auf das wir uns besonders freuen!

„Im  Kreis von Frauen werden wir verschiedene Formen der Meditation erfahren: Sitz- und Gehmeditation sowie Meditation in Bewegung. Wir werden von der aufrechten, vertikalen Achse ins Fließen und Loslassen wechseln. Indem wir unserem Körper erlauben, sich inspiriert zu bewegen, verbinden wir uns neu mit unserer weiblichen Essenz. Wir werden uns im bewussten, achtsamen Kontakt üben und wie wir ihn schenken und erhalten können. Worte lassen wir aus der Stille entstehen, Tanz aus dem Raum und der Weite und das für uns Wesentliche aus dem Moment...“
29. Juni - 1. Juli 2018
280 €
Bei Anmeldung vor dem 1. Mai 2018: 220 €
Freiburg i. Br. - Seminarräume des SAT Institutes
(nahegelegene Unterkünfte und Hotels können vermittelt werden)
Deutsch und Französisch



SAT: Dates

Dates of the next SAT modules and workshops taking place in Central Europe:

Topic  Date  Location  Languages 
SAT Module I
Self-awareness and vitality
August 6th to 15th 2017   ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)   English
SAT Module IV
Presence and Transformation
Conducted by Claudio Naranjo
October 8th to 13th 2017   ZIST, Germany (Bavaria)   English
The way of the clown
November 15th to 19th 2017   Château de Liebfrauenberg
Alsace, France  
SAT Module II
Rebuilding your relationships
February 9th to 18th 2018   Château de Liebfrauenberg
Alsace, France  
Character & self-realization
with Claudio Naranjo

Information and registration
starting in July 2018  
September 24th to 29th 2018   Germany
near Bremen  

Silence - Concentration - Work - Space

Contract and instructions on withdrawal
After your online registration, you will receive a copy of your registration data to the email address you provided asking you to confirm your registration through a personal link.
Instructions on withdrawal
Right of withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw from this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day of the conclusion of the contract.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, you must inform us (Katrin Reuter, Stadtstr. 3, D-79104 Freiburg, Germany, Tel: +49-761-50362595, Contactt) of your decision to withdraw from this contract by an unequivocal statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, fax or e-mail).

To meet the withdrawal deadline, it is sufficient for you to send your communication concerning your exercise of the right of withdrawal before the withdrawal period has expired.

Effects of withdrawal
If you withdraw from this contract, we shall reimburse to you all payments received from you, including the costs of delivery (with the exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction, unless you have expressly agreed otherwise; in any event, you will not incur any fees as a result of such reimbursement.

If you requested to begin the performance of services during the withdrawal period, you shall pay us an amount which is in proportion to what has been provided until you have communicated us your withdrawal from this contract, in comparison with the full coverage of the contract.


The Team
Dr. Paolo

Paolo Baiocchi is a physician psychiatrist and Gestalt therapist. He is the director of the training institute for Gestalt therapy of Trieste IGT in Italy. A focal point of his work is individual and group Gestalt therapy and the facilitation of healthy communication in the society. He collaborates on a regular basis in the SAT programmes coordinated by Claudio Naranjo in Italy, Spain and Germany.


Sandra Bermudez is from Columbia and has been living in France for several years. Keen to reconnect her inner self with her professional path, this lawyer by profession turned to the Enneagram, the SAT programme and the Hoffman Process. Seeking to “humanise” conflicts and to support balanced psychological, physical and emotional growth, she became a Mediator with a Non Violent Communication approach and is currently completing her training to become an instructor of Body-Mind Techniques of the “Rio Abierto” system. Today, she is participating in the organisation of the Relais Paris and supports us in our public relations.


Dominique Bertrand is a traveling musician, writer and composer. Trained in various traditional music genres (India, Japan), he combines practicing music with anthropological research. He is currently president of the International Centre for Music Therapy in Paris and author of two books about the symbolism of sound and music ("le diabolus des sages" and "la prière du serpent", éd. Signatura) - www.trouveurdor.com.

Anik Billard
Anik Billard was born in France and has been the director of the Zen Centre „Dokan“ in Barcelona since 15 years. She has been practicing Zen for over 30 years and was ordained in 1986. Since then, it is important to her to combine the daily practice of zazen and her work as a body therapist and Gestalt therapist. She has been collaborating for many years with Claudio Naranjo in Spain and is happy to share the work with him.


Maria Grazia Cecchini is a psychologist and psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic, gestalt and systemic therapy. She is the director of the training institute for systemic counselling, ATMOS, in Rome. She has studied and worked with Claudio Naranjo for many years, and offers SAT courses in Italy, Spain, Germany and South America on a regular basis.

Cherif Chalakani is a mathematician and body therapist following the Wilhelm Reich tradition who particularly emphasizes the development of mindfulness in movement and breathing. He has developed a specific process around birth experiences. His biographical background incorporates influences of Egyptian, French and Mexican culture. He has been a student and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo for  over 30 years and is one of the founders of body, movement and breath work within the international SAT School. He teaches Seminars in Europe and Latin America and collaborates with the Hoffman Institute France.

Dr. Antoni
Antoni Aguilar Chastellain is a physician and psychotherapist trained in gestalt and integrative body therapy, NLP and solution focused brief therapy. He has been practicing Vipassana following the Dhiravamsa tradition for several years and he is a student of Claudio Naranjo. He is the founder and head of the Espai Gestalt training institute in Barcelona, Spain, which combines gestalt, body and artistic expressive therapies.

Annie Chevreux was born in Paris and lived in Madrid for 30 years. She is a Gestalt therapist, trained by the Spanish Society for Gestalt therapy (A.E.T.G). She co-founded the Institute for Gestalt therapy training in Madrid and works at the Centre for Psychotherapy CIPARH in Madrid. As a disciple and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo, she is also author of "El de Berlín Perls: El espíritu vanguardista en el arte y la terapia gestalt". (Editions Mandala, Madrid. 2007).

Bettina Deuster is Speech Therapist, Yoga teacher and integrative Body therapist. She studied Hakomi and Core Energetics. Focal points of her work are psychosomatic problems. She lived 16 years in Mexico where she was a collaborator of Claudio Naranjo. She works presently in her private practice in Düsseldorf (www.koerpertherapie-duesseldorf.de).

Antonio Ferrara is a psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher. He is trained in Gestalt therapy and Transactional Analysis. He is recognized by the Italian Gestalt School’s Federation and by the International Association of Transactional Analysis. He is founder and director of the Postgraduate School of Psychotherapy IGAT based in Naples, Italy. He has been collaborating for more than 20 years as a supervisor in SAT programs coordinated by Claudio Naranjo, both in Italy and abroad.

After several years of experience as a job counselor and adult guidance, as well as a trainer in learning methodology and preparation for qualifying examinations, Marie-Claire created her own training organization «Optimum» in Ardèche. Coach certificate holder, she offers personal and professional coaching sessions and runs personal development courses.

She attended many courses including the Training Programme of the Hoffman Institute and Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s teaching of the Enneagram. Marie-Claire joined the Hoffman teaching team in December 2011, and runs the south relay (Relais Sud).

Monika Klein is an interpreter and a Gestalt Therapist. She was born in Germany and lives in Spain since 1994, where she leads the Centre for Integrative Therapy and Personality Development „Espacio Humano“ in Malaga.

As a student of Claudio Naranjo, she has been working for many years as an interpreter among the SAT Programme in Germany and in France.

Catalina Lladó was born in Catalonia (Spain) and presently lives and works in many places, including Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca and Berlin. She is an actress on the stage, in film and in television, and directs and teaches in various theatres and Gestalt institutes. She has years of experience as a Gestalt therapist and coach, and is a member of the teaching staff of Dr. Claudio Naranjo’s SAT programmes.

Mateu Domènech
Assumpta Mateu Domènech is a psychologist and psychotherapist, with a specialization in palliative and bereavement counseling. She is the director of the treatment and training center Gestalttransformacio in Palma de Mallorca. Trained in gestalt, systemic family and couples therapy, as well as strategic short term therapy, she works as an instructor and supervisor for therapy training institutes in Spain and abroad. She has been for many years student and collaborator of Claudio Naranjo within the international SAT School.

Dunya McPherson, Director of Dervish Society of America, is a writer, dancer, and Founder of the healing movement system Dancemeditation™, specializing in opening the wonderment of deep, subtle, embodied self-perception. She has been a Sufi practitioner and guide since 1980. Juilliard graduate and NEA Choreography Fellow, her extensive teaching credits include Princeton University, Swarthmore College, and New York University. She is the author of Skin of Glass: Finding Spirit in the Flesh, a memoir about dance as a spiritual path. She has been collaborating with Claudio in South America for the past two years, a gift she finds magical and deepening.


Cynthia Merchant is a marriage and family therapist and a practicing somatic psychotherapist. She has taught the Hoffman Process for twenty years and she has been a student and collaborator of Dr. Claudio Naranjo since 1989. Also a student and practitioner of Dr. Peter Levine, she engages in both the SAT and the Somatic Experiencing (SE) work in the US, South America, China and Europe. Cynthia invites people into a deeper more embodied authenticity and self-acceptance.

Dr Katrin

Katrin Reuter is a psychologist and psychotherapist, trained in cognitive-behavioural, family and hypnotherapy. She works as psycho-oncologist and group therapist in research, training and private practice. She is the director of the Hoffman Institute France and since 2007 she collaborates  with Claudio Naranjo and the international SAT school by coordinating the SAT programmes for Germany and France.


Alejandro Torrealba has been practicing yoga and Buddhism since the 70s. He lived as a monk for several years in monasteries in India, Nepal and Thailand. Long-time student of V.R. Dhiravamsa and Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, he is dedicated to Vipassana and the Dzogchen of the Tibetan tradition of Bön Buddhism. He is meditation teacher in the Ligmincha International School, director of Milarepa meditation centre, located in the Canary Islands, and engaged in integrative medicine. After participating as a student in the SAT he is now working in the same program.


Jaclyne Scardova is a native Frenchwoman and has lived in Berkeley, California for many years. She is an artist and painter and she has a special talent for accessing intuitively the personal and collective unconscious. She is a long-time companion of Claudio Naranjo and provides her insights to people who are in an intense development process.  

Alain Vigneau
Alain Vigneau is a clown and theatre director. Born in France, he lives since 1989 in Spain, where he runs the Theatre „La Stravagante“.  He teaches clown therapy in the frame of art and drama therapy trainings and works for the international organization  “clowns without borders”.  As a student of Claudio Naranjo he cooperates in the international SAT programmes.  


Betina Waissman is a sociologist, political scientist and an actress. She worked with the street theatre “Tá na Rua” for 20 years in Rio de Janeiro. She is trained as a body therapist following the Reich tradition and to the system “ Rio Abierto”. She teaches internationally expressive dance and Authentic Movement and is an instructor at the Drama School Corazza in Madrid. Since 1992 she collaborates with Claudio Naranjo in Spain and in South America.  


Andrés Waksman is a dancer, actor and choreographer. Hi is the founder and director of „ALAS Artes en Movimiento” in Barcelona which is a training institute for dance theatre with the aim of making use of movement and art for transformative processes.  He has been teaching Authentic Movement for 10 years in Spain, Italy and recently also in Germany and works within the SAT programmes.  


Claudio Naranjo

Claudio Naranjo is regarded as a pioneer of the "Human Potential Movement". Worldwide he is valued as a psychiatrist, gestalt therapist and as the founder of  work with the Enneagram in the Western world.

In a unique way his doctrine combines psychotherapy, spiritual work and social healing.

e has been influenced by Fritz Perls, Carlos Casteneda, Oscar Ichazo, Bob Hoffman, Idries Shah, Tarthang Tulku Rimpoché and many more. He has published dozens of publications on a wide spectrum of different topics such as Gestalt, the Enneagram, meditation, social healing and the patriarchy.

In the 70's together with Bob Hoffman he developed the current form of the "Hoffman-Process" and founded his own psycho-spiritual school called "SAT". So far his seminars have taken place in South America, Spain and Italy - and are  now also based in Germany and France.
Who is Dr. Claudio Naranjo ?  
Claudio Naranjo is originally from Chile.

He is a psychiatrist, psychotherapist, gestalt-therapist as well as a meditation teacher and he is regarded as the pioneer of work with the Enneagram in the Western world. He was a student and colleague of Fritz Pearls, one of the founding fathers of humanistic and gestalt-therapy, and in the 60's became his successor at the renowned Esalen Institute.

His contact with Oscar Ichazo, who initiated him in the Enneagram, was crucial for him. This initiation and the following important encounters with prominent spiritual figures like Idries Shah and Tarthang Tulku Rimpoché led him to establish his school for psycho-spiritual development, called "SAT" - "Seekers after Truth".

During the last few years he has worked intensively on changing the educational systems worldwide and for 30 years he has successfully put into practice his SAT Programmes in the fields of psychotherapy and education.


Von Claudio Naranjo erschienen in deutscher Sprache
(Nach Erscheinungsdatum sortiert; Stand Oktober 2016)
Charakter und Neurose
Eine integrative Sichtweise
Von Claudio Naranjo (Autor)
Springer Verlag - 1. Aufl. 2017, XLI, 273 S. 19 Abb.
Die überarbeitete und erweiterte Fassung des Standardwerkes Claudio Naranjos zur Psychologie der Enneatypen.  
Erschienen im Springer Verlag in der Reihe:
Elicitiva – Friedensforschung und Humanistische Psychologie.

1. Aufl. 2017, XLI, 273 S. 19 Abb.
(Info PDF)  

Die Geburt aus dem Ich
Teil 1 – Leben
Von Totila Albert (Autor, Editor), Claudio Naranjo (Editor).
Verlag: Books on Demand (20. April 2015)
Die Geburt aus dem Ich
Teil 2  - Wiederkehr
Von: Totila Albert (Author), Claudio Naranjo (Editor, Publisher),
Sebastian Elsaesser (Editor)
Verlag: Books on Demand (23. Mai 2016)
Die Geburt aus dem Ich
Teil 3 - Sternbild Mensch
Von: Totila Albert (Autor), Claudio Naranjo (Editor),
Sebastian Elsaesser (Editor)
Verlag: Books on Demand (23. Mai.2016)
Die Geburt aus dem Ich
Teil 4 – Die Sonne im Vater
Von: Totila Albert (Autor), Claudio Naranjo (Editor),
Sebastian Elsaesser (Editor)
Verlag: Books on Demand (23. Mai, 2016)
Die Geburt aus dem Ich
Teil 5 – Die Nacht in der Mutter
Von Totila Albert (Autor), Claudio Naranjo (Editor),
Sebastian Elsaesser (Editor)
Verlag: Books on Demand (23. Mai 2016)

Das patriarchale Ego
Verlag: LIT Verlag (1. Oktober 2013)

Die Heilung der Zivilisation:
Wie die persönliche Trans­formation durch Erziehung und Integration der intrapsychischen Familie auf die Gesellschaft übertragen werden kann
Verlag: One World Press (Oktober 1, 2013)

Das göttliche Kind und der Held
Verlag: Via Nova; Auflage: 1. (10. Mai 2002)

Das Ende des Patriarchats
und das Erwachen einer drei-einigen Gesellschaft
Verlag: Via Nova; Auflage: 1., Aufl. (April 2000)

Wandlung durch Einsicht:
Die Enneagrammtypen im Leben, in der Literatur und in klinischer Praxis
Verlag: Via Nova; Auflage: 1. (10. Mai 1999)

Das Enneagramm der Gesellschaft.
Die Übel der Welt,
die Übel der Seele
Via Nova; Auflage: 1., Aufl. (April 1998)

Gesänge der Erleuchtung.
Die spirituelle Entschlüsselung großer Dichtungen
Verlag: Hugendubel Heinrich GmbH (Februar 1998)

Gestalt: Präsenz - Gewahrsein - Verantwortung:
Grundhaltung und Praxis einer lebendigen Therapie
Verlag: Arbor (Mai 1996)


Château du Liebfrauenberg

t the heart of the Northern Vosges Natural Park, classified biosphere reserve by UNESCO, in an exceptional setting, Château du Liebfrauenberg welcomes you.

Emerged from the youth work of the Protestant Churches in Alsace and Lorraine, the Château du Liebfrauenberg is now open to all group meetings, for holidays and seminars.

Our team is present for you at all times. We will make your stay unforgettable.


Château du Liebfrauenberg
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God sleeps in the stone,
breathes in the plant,
dreams in the animal and awakens in the human.

(S. Painadath SJ, Indien)

IST - close to Bad Tölz (Bavaria) - is a centre for personal and professional training in potential-oriented self-awareness and psychotherapy. The name ZIST stands for more than 30 years of experience in the implementation of events exploring human nature and supporting the tendency of self-healing with the objective of development of autonomy and human health.

ZIST was founded by Dr. Wolf Büntig and Christa Büntig.
You study in the secured and recreative learning arena of ZIST under guidance of carefully selected instructors and group leaders, who call on many years of experience in the guidance of people seeking for a meaningful life according to their nature.
ZIST nonprofit GmbH

Zist 1 - 82377 Penzberg (Germany)
Phone: +49-8856-93690

Nearby moor lakes of the alpine upland

Josée Roy
SAT Germany-France

Stadtstrasse 11
D-79104 Freiburg

Tel: +49-761-50362595

Web: www.naranjo-SAT.com

Office hours:
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm

Bank details:
Dr. Katrin Reuter
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Fundación Claudio Naranjo


Claudio Naranjo in Wall Street International 1:
        "Civilization and repression"

Claudio Naranjo in Wall Street International 2:
The naive faith of the deluded
Fear and confidence as mechanisms of legitimation of the system

I have proposed that control is exercised through threatening power and violence, and also in the name of the prestige of ‘law and order’ and of those moral ideals and religions; and in addition I have stressed the omnipresence of deceit, corruption and of the cunning in economic life, but never have I spoken of the faith of the people ... more

Avril 2010

du mois :"


Stage international
Décembre 2009

du mois :"

Une méthode
à découvrir

Une formation créée par Claudio Naranjo

Article paru dans "Science de la Conscience N° 35", 2009

"Le seul espoir
de changement passe
par l’enseignement"


(juillet/août 2008)
Claudio Naranjo
pour la première fois en France

Par Dr Katrin Reuter
et Michel Savage

Mieux Etre, Oktober 2008
La civilisation :
une maladie curable par l'éducation
Par Dr Katrin Reuter et Michel Savage


Participant experiences

SAT belongs to the core
and touched me deeply.
It gave me freedom in a way
that I have seldom experienced in my rich life.


Gestalt therapist
When my eyes and Claudio's met in the corridor of the Benediktushof in 2007, I felt a curious resonance deep within myself. It was a certainty, a "yes" to the longing for the deepest source - my deepest source.
I don't want to claim to have found it definitely in the three years of SAT-training, but many essential things in my life have radically changed. An example is the relationship to my parents. Also the contact with my clients has intensified immensely. In brief: SAT is the most profound and greatest training that I have ever undertaken  (… and there have been several trainings...)!

Today, I realize how much I was internally depleted. The SAT-program was not a painful process and there was far more laughter and sweetness than tears. A welcome break-up of the heart that today allows love to freely flow again.

I actually only came to participate like in any seminar, like in the 20 before, to fill my head and to understand the world better... Had I known what was awaiting me, I would have received it with  the greatness that was due the outcome!!! It is the 5-Star-Club-Med-De-Luxe of personality development.

"Living my life at full steam", "taking myself less seriously" - these are a few pearls that I discovered returning to my family, work and everyday activities. I felt "handbrakes" in my existence. But how to search? Where to find? This group work, on an emotional, mental and physical level, enabled me to make wonderful progress!

School principal
There is before and after SAT.

I will never be the same again! The indiscernible power evoked by this work even awakes  the strongest resistance. Humbly I share this feeling and this thought with you. Thank you for the essential presence of every single one of you without which this process would never have had such an impact on me.

Our memories are moments that we have shared and that are anchored in my heart, my body and my soul as never before.

Director of a
Transformation. I realize that it has started. I view people with different eyes, I really look at them. When I used to enter into a relationship with someone, I always was before or after, now I am with. I have the impression that people around me see that, for I am given smiles, a Hello, simply through a gaze.

Specialist Lecturer
There is a process in which day after day is woven from love and passion to discover oneself.

In this SAT, that I am coming from, I have identified the outlines of this character, whose hands have sewn the clothes of my past.

And a small subtlety in a climate of freedom was sufficient for me to explore my shadow by dramatizing certain aspects of my character with the aid of a cognitive as well as psychological-physical approach, to finally bring in a flashlight. The therapists "undress you" in order to help you sew clothes with the hands of the heart - clothes that are truly yours.

It is so good to feel authentic. For a lecturer like me personal development is an ethic priority. Through this I can be a witness of the human suffering in so many cases. The support and companionship here allows you to be true, ridiculous, pathetic and deep at the same time - everything according to your own rhythm.  The tracks of this ballad are and will remain unique. It is always difficult to run a course, especially if it is a course of life like this one. Thank you to the team and the participants!

(1 month later)
It has already been a month now! However it seems to me that SAT continues living, because every day I come closer to myself and that brings me to discover and rediscover my self within myself!

Claudio Naranjo - The SAT Program
by Claudio Naranjo
& Testimonial of participants

Claudio Naranjo
comments on the SAT Programme

(September 2012)

Young professionals
share their experiences
with the SAT program


Claudio Naranjo at Paris - 2012
The psychology of the Enneatypes and Subtypes - Pathways to Awareness and Wisdom
Part 1
Claudio Naranjo:
his journey with the enneagram

Part 2
Moving from visible to invisible

Part 3
About the right use of the enneagram

Part 4
Symmetries within the Enneagramme

Part 5
Composers and the enneagram

Healing civilisation


Video Documents
Crisis and Transformation - Interview with Claudio Naranjo
Germany, Odenwaldinstitut - August 2009 (english)
Conducted by Katrin Reuter


Civilisation is an idealized notion ...

Claudio Naranjo - Civilisation


Awakening the inner seeker

Psychotherapy is not a formula ...

Claudio Naranjo - Psychotherapy


Why a psychology of Enneatypes and how does it work?

Claudio Naranjo - Enneagram


Virtues as healing gestures and the facets of SAT

Claudio Naranjo - Virtues

Claudio Naranjo - Other Video Documents
Claudio Naranjo in Sevilla
December 2008

2º Simposio Internacional sobre Psicologia y Transformación de los Eneatipos (Fundación Claudio Naranjo Sevilla Pilas)


Review: Claudio Naranjo and Honoré de Balzac
Enneagram Autumn

Remarkable encounter
Claudio Naranjo and Honoré de Balzac facing the “Human Comedy”
The enneatypes in the light of literature and cultural history
International seminar from September 29th to October 4th 2015
"The Human Comedy" is the name given by Honoré de Balzac to the body of his literary work.

He depicts the traits of human nature, with great precision and passion.

His talent has been to create a reper­toire of characters, high­lighting their personalities, their relationships, and their exceptional life destinies in the society of his time.
With a team of actors and theater directors:

Luis Fuisté Coetzee Psychotherapist and playwright. He has staged many plays (for example, La Fura dels Baus) and participated in the filming of "Perfume". 
Reyes Hiraldo Actress, director and teacher.. She received her training at the Corazza Drama School in Spain and at London's Royal School of Speech and Drama. She works with various ensembles in England.
Duccio Barlucchi Actor, director and writer. He is the Founder of the theatre group "Almaviva" in Florence, which specializes in the artistic use of masks in theatre. 
he seminar, led by Claudio Na­ran­jo, is an invitation to broaden our under­standing of the 27 enneatypes, encountering some of the different main characters portrayed by Balzac.

An original methodology centred on the ennea­gram of the per­sonality, meditation, literary analysis, theatre work and body movement will allow us to sharpen and deepen our under­standing of the enneatypes and their possible development.
Catalina Llado Aliu Actress, director and Gestalt therapist. She studied in the US and in Spain. With her project “Theatre for the interested”, she brings plays to the stage in various countries with amateur actors. 
Gema Lopez Psychologist, actress, scriptwriter and director.
In addition to her theatre work, she organises seminars which combine theater, creativity and psychotherapy. 

Giulio Costa Set designer and architect. He works as an actor, playwright and stage designer. He has contributed to several plays in Occhiobello, as well as to the Ferrara Off Theatre and to the Festival of  Fairy Tales for adults in Italy.

This international seminar is aimed at those who have parti­cipated in at least one module of the SAT programme or who have had a theoretical and prac­tical experience of in-depth per­sonal development with the Enneagram.  
Lorena de las Bayonas Actress, director and teacher. She began her acting studies at the University of Sydney in Australia, continued them at the Corazza School of Daramatic Art in Spain and now runs a private institute for training actrors.
Alain Vigneau Clown and director. He travelled for many years with his theatre "La Stravagante" through France and Spain, and today he devotes the courses he throughout the world to the combination of clown theatre and psychotherapy.
Rosa Morales Kucharski Actress, Gestalt therapist and teacher. She has been teaching for many years at the Corazza Drama School in Madrid and works both in theatre, as well as in film productions. 

September 29th to October 4th 2015
Conducted by:
Dr. Claudio Naranjo
English, French, German
Domaine Le Hameau de l'Etoile - Saint-Martin-de-Londres
Southern France (25 km North of Montpellier)
Information :

Review: Retreat 2016
September 21st to 25th 2016 - Bad Meinberg near Hannover, Germany
"Silence, music, surrender and inquiring into the nature of the mind"

Silence is understood as synonymous with peace and quiet in Buddhist practice, and "surrender" in Claudio Naranjo’s vision, is referring to a physical practice of releasing spontaneous expression. During the retreat, these two approaches, closely interconnected through meditation and authentic movement, were be complemented by the Buddhist teaching of Dzogchen to explore the fundamental nature of the mind.

He was accompanied by:
Betina Waissman, international expert in authentic movement, and
Alejandro Torrealba, former Vipassana Buddhist monk and a student for many years of Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche of the Bön tradition.

Those books accompany the event:
Die Geburt aus dem Ich (only available in German)
Tótila Alberts Epos „Die Geburt aus dem Ich“
in 5 volumes - from Claudio Naranjo and Sebastian Elsässer, published in 2015

La música interior

An interactive book with textes and music examples
illustrating the psycho-spiritual qualities of classical music.
From Claudio Naranjo,
published in 2015 (only in Spanish)  

The Shanti Seminar Center


Review: International Advanced Training Todtmoos 2010
July 2010:
International Advanced Training with Claudio Naranjo  
"The Enneagram as a key to true potential"
27 characters in search of a deeper Identity
From July 9th to July 16th 2010 at Todtmoos, Black Forest an International Advanced Training with more than 200 participants from 14 countries took place. Dr. Claudio Naranjo together with his team led this training. 
The video summary of the International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010
Long expected: The video summary of the International Advanced Training in Todtmoos 2010 is out now. Ideal for the theoretical SAT preparation and postprocessing.

On 5 DVDs the following topics are summarized:
  Introduction to the psychology of enneatypes
  Presenting enneatypes and subtypes
  Philosophers in the light of the enneatypes
  Classical composers and enneatypes – a musical journey on the piano
  Leaving the ego behind : Introduction to the virtues
  Claudio honoring his teacher Tótila Albert: The poetic dimension of music
  Meditations : Introduction and Practice

  Order: For English only speakers, the DVD set can only be ordered via e-mail because the Auditorium-Netwerk web site is written in German. However, their staff is fluent in English. You can order via e-mail by writing "Auditorium-Netwerk" info@auditorium-netzwerk.de
Video documentation of the lectures by Claudio Naranjo :
Naranjo, Claudio: Totila Alberts music dictation
english/german - DVD  21.95 EUR

Naranjo, Claudio: The Enneagram in music
presented at the piano by Claudio Naranjo

9th - 16th July 2010, english/german, 142 minutes on 2 CDs or 1 DVD
CD 15.95 EUR  -  DVD 21.95 EUR

Some impressions:
Claudio Naranjo: The Enneagram
Meditation, bodywork and movements

"I still would like to thank you and the whole SAT team for facilitating so smoothly and warmly the SAT 2010 at Todtmoos! It was a grateful and deep experience which I will always remember. Thank you!"
(I. K. W., participant)
Working with the enneatypes in small groups

"It has been a wonderful experience.
And everything was well organized."

(A. L., participant)
The Enneagram in music and philosophy - Totila Alberts music dictation
Claudio Naranjo
Participant and impressions

"A big Bravo and thank you to all the team for this incredible week!"
(J. C. P., participant)